Celebrating Songkran Festival in Thailand

Songkran Festival Celebration in Thailand
*Locals & foreigners having a fun time with elephants spraying water during the Songkran Festival last year (2012) source

Every year, the people of Thailand gather with families and friends to celebrate one of the most joyous events in their culture, the Songkran Festival. Also known as the ‘Water Festival’, it is expected that during this event, nobody remains dry as water-splashing is very rampant; and many tourists buy air tickets from their online air ticketing sites to come over to this Southeast Asian country and join this wonderful experience.

The Songkran Festival is basically regarded as Thailand’s New Year and is usually observed every April 13. People come out on the streets to throw water to everybody using buckets, basins, or even water guns. It has been a lively tradition which meant to wash away the bad luck or illnesses of others. The water plopped is believed to cleanse the soaked individual, as taken from the habit of the monks of splashing water on people they have prayed for in temples.

However, legends also said that the event started to commemorate the past of Thailand when most locals were farmers. According to stories, it is the dragons which from the sea to bring rain on dying crops. Since then, the people believed that the more water they splash, the more rain will come to their land. Nowadays though, the said belief is being set aside; but that does not mean relinquishing a fun tradition which the Thai people had known to be a part of their rich heritage.

Undoubtedly, the celebration of Songkran Festival is a major attraction to many people from across the globe. Cheap flights to Bangkok, Thailand are made available, convincing tourists to visit the Southeast Asian country in time with the event. Trips will surely be worth it as this festival isn’t a one-day celebration. It lasts for three to ten days, depending on the area.

The famous Songkran Festival is not just celebrated in Thailand. It is also held in different countries across Southeast Asia like Cambodia, Myanmar, and Malaysia – all having their own traditions and beliefs about the event, yet displaying the same liveliness and fun from the endless surprises of splashed water.

This year, it will be celebrated from 13 April 2013 (Saturday) to 15 April 2013 (Monday).

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