Changi Airport to Undergo Major Facelift on 2018

Project Jewel by Changi Airport Group 300x170 Changi Airport to Undergo Major Facelift on 2018

An artist’s impression of the Jewel hub, which aims to enhance Changi’s attractiveness amid competition from regional rivals. To be built by 2018, it will connect the airport’s three main terminals by foot. — PHOTO: CHANGI AIRPORT GROUP

Aiming for further recognition and excellence, Changi Airport is set for some major refurbishments as the “Project Jewel” begins its implementation on 2018.

Spearheaded by Canadian architect Moshe Safdie, the brain behind the majestic Marina Bay Sands, the Project Jewel aims to connect the three terminals by foot by constructing attractive glass and steel infrastructure to represent the artistic and classy sense of Singapore. Representatives from the airport had stated that the design will consist of ‘stunning glass and steel façade that presents an impressive view of the complex – from both Airport Boulevard and the sky’.

According to plans, a multi-storey complex will be constructed in the area where T1’s 3.5-hectare open-air parking area is currently located. Subsequently, a multi-level basement parking will also be built to compensate for the lost parking space. It is most likely to be connected to the main airports to guarantee convenience.

Project Jewel will feature exciting travel-related facilities to keep the public entertained. There will be retail outlets and leisure attractions for everyone. A five-storey waterfall and a lush indoor garden are also included in the plans.

With this expansion project, T1 will be given more space for arrival halls, baggage claim areas, and taxi bays. Moreover, T4 will be constructed in replacement of the recently-closed Budget Terminal.

Straits Times
TTG Asia

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2 Responses to Changi Airport to Undergo Major Facelift on 2018

  1. Jerry Lim says:

    What about Terminal 4? When T4 is finished building, isn’t it going to link to T4?

  2. olive says:

    As you read the article, it is still a concept and will be implemented on 2018

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