Visit Japan tourism campaign

Japan to Focus its New Tourism Scheme on Southeast Asia

Visit Japan tourism campaign

The Japanese tourism is apparently determined to push the number of tourist influx to one million as it launched the Visit Japan campaign, concentrating on new destinations in the Southeast Asian region.

Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) has expressed through Shuichi Kameyama, director of international tourism promotion division, that the Southeast Asian market is a promising source of tourism growth. Along with Northeast Asia, the region has begun displaying the qualities after the March 11 earthquake and the United Nations World Tourism.

Ready to go all-out with the tourism campaign promotions, JNTO has requested a budget of 599 million yen (US$7.4 million). Promotion plans include putting focus on Philippines, Vietnam, and Indonesia; establishing an Indonesian office; and facilitation of multiple-entry visas for Indonesian, Thai and Malaysian travelers.

As part of the ASEAN community, Singapore is also expected to benefit from this. Most likely, the demand for Singapore to Tokyo flights will be higher. Subsequently, it is possible that flight booking would be made easier for many travelers. After all, Japan is a pristine destination which many Singaporeans would love to visit.

This Visit Japan campaign is expected to not just double the number of arrivals from Southeast Asian countries. It is also deemed to assist in the enhancement of diplomatic ties between Japan and the ASEAN nations.


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