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Malaysia Tops the List of Most Muslim-Friendly Countries in the World

Petronas Towers Malaysia

On an interview during the first quarter of 2013,  Malaysian Tourism Minister Dr. Ng Yen Yen announced that Malaysia is declared the most Muslim-friendly country in the world. It tops the list, followed by other Muslim countries like Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Jordan and Turkey.

The influx of Muslim travelers to the country is seen to be brought by the efficiency of the Malaysian government in providing the people what they need. While it is true that this status may be attributed to the fact that majority of the nation’s population are Muslims, the authorities still exert efforts to make the facilities and services conducive for the enjoyment of foreigners as well.

Muslim tours in Malaysia are definitely exciting. Aside from the fact that travelers won’t have a hard time adjusting to the environment since majority of the people there share the same religious beliefs, Halal facilities are easy to locate. Hotels abiding by the doctrines of Islam are very accessible; as well as prayer rooms which can be found in almost every block.

Furthermore, Malaysian public has proven to be very accommodating. Its cosmopolitan nature allows Muslim travelers to mingle with other foreigners from different religions and ethnicity. Through this, they are exposed to more discoveries, which basically is a major purpose why people go on trips.

Many travelers had stated that they are comfortable with the security the Malaysian government could provide them with. This is an immense factor for the impressive inclination of people towards Malaysia when it comes to Halal tours and vacations.

Dr. Ng said that there are more than 1.6 billion Muslims around the world; and a large percentage of the tourist arrivals in Malaysia came from Muslim countries. For this, the government takes pride.

With the goal to further provide Muslim travelers with better experiences in Malaysia, the tourism agency had launched a tourism calendar for 2013-2014. There, all holidays – Muslim or non-Muslim – are indicated, giving people a good guide as to when the best times to travel to the country are. It is available for download via the official websites of the Malaysian ministries and Tourism Malaysia.

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Source: Asia News Network


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